725 Дисковые затворы BV-Pak

The Eclipse Packaged Butterfly Valve incorporates an Eclipse Trilogy Series Actuator mounted to a standard Eclipse butterfly valve. The new innovative support provides a robust universal solution with an "easy to see" position indicator. This package is the perfect solution for industrial burner control. Eclipse simplifies selection and ordering in this single source component purchase. Equipment sizing, mounting, and setup are all made easier.

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750 Запорные клапаны LockTite Eclipse

The Eclipse Inc. 200 LockTite valves are manually opening valves that automatically shut off the gas supply to a combustion system when any interlocking limit switch opens. The valve handle cannot be reset until the condition causing the open switch is corrected and all limit switches are closed. Typical limit switches include air pressure, gas pressure, temperature limit, and flame monitoring contacts.

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