923 Многофункциональный тестер SimaFlame

The Eclipse SimaFlame is a multifunctional tester that simulates flame rod or UV scanner flame signals to all major brand combustion safeguard controls. It also functions as a current loop checker. Simaflame provides a variable 4-20 milliamp output and can read 4-20mA inputs at 5 signal levels indicated by lights on the front face. These functions make this tool ideal for troubleshooting combustion control systems, including the temperature control loop.

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970 Системы видеонаблюдения CCTV


  • Standard and custom-engineered systems
  • Heat-resistant camera package with air, water, and oxygen cooling options
  • Selectable lens angle and field of view pattern options
  • Includes video cassette recorder and monitor
  • Retraction system protects CCTV equipment from damage from power or cooling system failure
  • Fail-safe operating features

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